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A corpus cavernosum penis (singular) is one of a pair of sponge-like regions of erectile tissue, which contain most of the blood in the penis during an erection. The corpus spongiosum is the mass of spongy tissue surrounding the male urethra within the penis. It is also called the corpus cavernosus urethrae in older texts.

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By Shazragore - 15:01
The penis is composed of three cylinders encased in a sheath called the bucks fascia. The corpus cavernosum contains spongy erectile tissue.
By Mugul - 06:43
The penile shaft is composed of 3 erectile columns, the 2 corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum, as well as the columns' enveloping.
By Sataur - 09:40
Other articles where Corpus cavernosum penis is discussed: priapism: bottom of the penis, the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum, respectively.
By Kazikazahn - 08:12
The corpora cavernosa are paired spongy cylinders that lie on the superior aspect of the penis. They are enveloped by the tunica albuginea. The proximal ends.

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